Welcome to FarmChalo

Using a data driven platform for markets
to connect with farmers.

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All the resources you and your farmers
need in one platform

FarmChalo connects growers to reliable soil analyses, certified seeds, trusted fertilizers,
effective pest control and more.


Data driven Farming


Create a crop Agri Plan that maximizes production, with attention to sustainability, market demand and each farmer's particular land qualities.


Analyze the soil of a plot of land and receive an analysis along with recommendations for soil and plant health.


Manage plant diseases, pests and weeds that damage agricultural crops.


Secure trusted, appropriate seeds for a specific climate, soil and time of year.


Assess the financial risk of a farmer to help increase farmers’ access to capital.


Connect farmers to the Agri Markets appropriate for their production.


Data-driven marketing for post-harvest, the platform allows the farmers to
access markets both in urban and rural areas.

  • Spot Market

    Spot market creates a digital marketplace for the vegetables immediately after the harvest. The platform will connect all the major stakeholders in the post-harvest industry.

  • Future Market

    Future market a digital marketplace for ease of selection of crops from multiple reliable farmers or sellers. Perishable crops can be sold at fixed interval to avoid post-harvest damages.

  • Impact Market

    Impact Market creates a digital marketplace for the buying and selling of vegetables that go unsold and are therefore wasted causing major losses to everyone in the supply chain.


Data driven credit/risk scoring


Using farmer data and interactions to curate a reliable credit score for Agri financing.